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2. Data collection, storage and processing

The life cycle of big data consists of multiple stages ranging from generation, collection, aggregation, processing, and application delivery. While big data aggregation and processing occur mostly in data centers, the data are generated by and collected from geographically distributed devices, and the data knowledge/service are then distributed to interested users. All the stages of big data cycle demand novel techniques and algorithms. Data collection and processing employing machine learn algorithms will be the focus in the Big Cloud project.

  • Project 9: Resilience in data storage
  • Project 10: Architectures for collecting data generated by sensors
  • Project 14: Monitoring wireless networks for data collection
  • Project 15: Timing in big data collection
  • Project 16: High precision localization of mobile nodes for big data collection
  • Project 17: Data Collection generated by sensors in mobile environments
  • Project 21: Semi-supervised graph analysis algorithms