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3. Networking

Networks play a critical role in bridging the different stages, and there is a strong demand to create a fast and reliable interconnected network for the big data to flow freely on this digital highway. This network highway concerns not only just one segment of data delivery, but rather the whole series of segments for the life cycle of big data, from access networks to the Internet backbone, and to intra- and inter-data-center networks. For each layer of the network, the specific requirements big data transmission poses should be satisfied.

Recent technologies for network virtualization and programmability, namely Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization will enable the programmability of the network to dynamically adjust itself to the demands of network flows originated from big data sources and to transfer data for the processing of big data.

  • Project 4: Programability of network devices to forward big data flows
  • Project 5: Positioning of Network Function Chains
  • Project 6: Monitoring and Visualization of network function allocation
  • Project 7: Network resilience for Big Data flows
  • Project 10: Routing and Spectrum allocation in Elastic Optical Networks
  • Project 11: Multipelxing in optical networks
  • Project 12: Access of devices/machines to LTE networks
  • Project 13: Emulator for IoT
  • Project 19: Network-aware big data applications